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Why does the humble usb cable make such a difference to sound quality in a computer-based audio system?

Australian audiophile Rob Woodland spent 12 months examining every aspect of usb cable design - from an "audio" point of view.

What does it take to create a better sounding cable? 

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Curious for the curious:

a knockout USB cable from Australia (Digital Audio Review)


The Curious Cables usb cable

Cracking the code
How the Curious usb cable was developed.

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Rob Woodland discusses "dimension" in usb cables.

Curious Cables usb cables from Australia

Announcing - a usb cable that delivers a new level of musical performance!

The Curious usb cable has been designed with one thing in mind - to improve the sound quality of your computer based audio system.

We're confident you'll be impressed with the Curious usb cable. If not - just send it back and we'll refund your money.