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The Curious is open and wonderfully resolving while being musically engaging...

This is a great cable ! Love your turntable rig but hate your computer audio setup because it sounds dry, flat and uninvolving ? Curious Cables will have you sorted out in no time.

Fantastic, outstanding usb cable.

The Curious cable sounds more dynamic, and less 2D than the stock monoprice cable. It is more enjoyable and easier to listen to...

That curious signature — more decay retrieval, fuller tone, deeper space — once more asserted itself unchallenged

And just before my deadline, I received a USB A-Mini B cable provided from Curious Cable in Australia. What a joy! The sound quality got even better, and not just a tiny 0.1%, but way more.

Review by Eric Teh (as above) also posted here.

Eric's Hi-Fi Blog

The Curious USB is a Game Changer.

This is good, this is VERY good.

Next level USB Audio with UpTone Audio Regen, Curious Cables.

After listening, I’d suspect many will look no further than the Curious Cables USB.

Curious for the curious:

a knockout USB cable from Australia.

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