The Curious is open and wonderfully resolving while being musically engaging...

And just before my deadline, I received a USB A-Mini B cable provided from Curious Cable in Australia. What a joy! The sound quality got even better, and not just a tiny 0.1%, but way more.

Curious for the curious:

a knockout USB cable from Australia.

(Digital Audio Review)

This is a great cable ! Love your turntable rig but hate your computer audio setup because it sounds dry, flat and uninvolving ? Curious Cables will have you sorted out in no time.

Review by Eric Teh (as above) also posted here.

Eric's Hi-Fi Blog

Next level USB Audio with UpTone Audio Regen, Curious Cables.

Media reviews of the Curious Cables usb cables

That curious signature — more decay retrieval, fuller tone, deeper space — once more asserted itself unchallenged

This is good, this is VERY good.

Fantastic, outstanding usb cable.

The Curious USB is a Game Changer.